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Sentry Hill Organics New Zealand

Sentry Hill Organics

At Sentry Hill Organics we believe you deserve clean, pure, happy and healthy organic produce. It tastes so much better and feels so much better. Our planet loves it too. We’re award-winning cheese-makers who are devoted to bringing you the tastiest products, from cheese and yoghurt to meat, all fresh from our friendly little farm.


Pasture Poultry

Pasture Poultry are 100% Organic Hawke’s Bay free-range hen’s eggs. Our eggs have beautiful golden yolks, due entirely to the natural feed and a varied diet of insects and plants. No artificial colour enhancers are used.

Bioland Organic Eggs

Bio Land

Bio Land eggs are lovingly raised with all the care and attention they deserve. They start their day outside on acres and acres of sustainable, spray-free and organic green pastures and are fed a mix of grains and fresh clean water – all this for a tastier and healthier egg!

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